Temporary Road Closure between Scientia and Electrical Engineering

Posted 2 May 2017

Library Road, at the rear of the John Niland Scientia Building (G19), will be closed to pedestrians and vehicles from Tuesday 2 May – Saturday 3 June.

This closure is temporary, to allow construction of site sheds for construction staff working on the refurbishment of the Electrical Engineering Building (G17).

Alternate access from the upper to the middle campus during this period will be from:

  • The stairs located on the eastern side of Scientia, between Scientia and Civil Engineering
  • Basser Stairs (access via the Commerce Courtyard and Spanish Steps) and the Quadrangle.

The accessible routes will be unchanged:

  • Via the Scientia lift to University Mall
  • Via the ramp beside Basser Stairs and the lifts in either The Kensington Colleges or the Quadrangle Building.

Please take extra care and follow instructions from construction staff if you are walking or cycling in this area.

For further information, please contact Joe Santangelo, Senior Project Manager Facilities Management, on 0414 385 100.